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With aromas of plush cranberry and baking spices, 2022 Carignan is a balancing act of aroma and depth.  An easy companion to pair with nearly any meal, a crowd pleaser that doesn't play dumb.  

Tyee Vineyard, situated in the Sierra Foothills, is a new addition to the portfolio this year, after early season frosts and drought dramatically reduced crop yields at our previous Carignan site.  Though nearly opposite in every way (young, on sloping iron rich igneous soil) it shows strong varietal similarities with previous vintages, showing that Carignan, when vinified in a straightforward way, has a strong identity wherever it is planted.

Tyee Vineyard  100% Carignan  12.5% alc/vol.  78 cases produced



These grapes were treated as would a Pinot Noir, with a somewhat cool fermentation and gentle cap management. The result is  blackberries, tart jam, and just a hint of earthiness.  Enjoy now or age until 2028.

This vineyard sits in the deep clay loam soils in eastern Lodi.  These vines are young, on their 5th leaf, so care was taken to curb their yield so as not to overburden them.   The vineyard is CCOF Certified Organic, and the grower takes great care to minimize inputs, raising chickens for natural pest control, cover cropping for nutrient availability, and using a no till approach to maximize carbon capture and air quality.

Prie Vineyard   100% Mourvedre  13.6% alc/vol.  68 cases produced


2022 O! SOLE MIO

Aromatic and complex on the nose, silky and elegant in the glass.  This growing season was steering us to an earlier pick, and the resulting wine is lighter bodied and full of cherry and dried flowers.   This wine is so soulful and brings joy from start to finish.

Lewis Vineyard sits in the Clements HIlls, which you'll reach if you head East out of Lodi to the place where the Central Valley just begins to turn into the foothills.  Sun loving Sangiovese thrives there in the hot days, and a creek running adjacent to the property keeps the night and early mornings fresh and cool.

Lewis Vineyard, Clements Hills   100% Sangiovese   12.7% alc/vol.  91 cases produced

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