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Elegant and perfumed, this wine bucks the trend of Mourvèdre being a dense and tannic wine. I chose to treat these grapes as I would a Pinot Noir, with a somewhat cool fermentation and gentle cap management to avoid over-extraction. The result is light-bodied, with soft tannins and notes of lifted blackberries, fresh plum, and just a hint of gaminess and sage.

Kirtlan Vineyard sits in the deep clay loam soils in the Clarksburg AVA, in the heart of the Sacramento River Delta. Cool winds and the river system flowing through the area contribute to a large difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures during the growing season, keeping the wines lively and fresh. The vines are own-rooted and for most of their lives were grafted with Sauvignon Blanc, before being allowed to grow from their original rootstock starting in 2018.

Kirtlan Vineyard  100% Mourvedre  12.7% alc/vol.  62 cases produced


2021 O! SOLE MIO

Of the Italian grapes, Sangiovese has always been a favorite of mine. It's generally softer and rounder in structure than some if it's northern counterparts, and when grown in California, exhibits juiciness and vibrancy. This one is no exception, with bright cherry aromas, roundness in the mid-palate, and a satisfying grip on the finish.


Lewis Vineyard is in the Clements Hills, which are situated on the edge of the Central Valley flood-plane as it transitions into the foothills. The lower part of the vineyard borders the Mokelumne River and is composed of sandy clay loam, and the higher sections have more decomposed granite mixed in. The Sangiovese block is on the hilltop and is a combination of several different heirloom clones, some of which produce tiny berries that lend structure to the finished wine.

Lewis Vineyard   100% Sangiovese  13.8% alc/vol.  62 cases produced



2021 was the second year working with this vineyard, and conditions allowed picking later, without loss of pH or fresh flavors. The resulting wine is mid-weight with an intense burst of brambly fruit, grounded by a broad mid-palate and balanced finish. Exploring this second vintage with slightly riper fruit confirmed to me how versatile this varietal and site can be.


Mule Plane Vineyard contains 90+ year old vines that look more like small fruit trees. Roots that extend deep into the sandy loam soil and the maturity of the vines allow for complex flavors to develop and offer resistance to Lodi's hot growing season. Mule Plane Vineyard is farmed organically and is registered with the Historic Vineyard Society, and is a true treasure of CA wine history.

Mule Plane Vineyard   100% Carignan   13.3% alc/vol.  66 cases produced

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