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Snow’s Crossing Vineyard is a small, organically farmed family vineyard just above Placerville, CA.  At 3150 feet in elevation, it pushes the upper limits for grape ripening, but southern exposure ensures consistent heat throughout the summer months.  2022 brought devastating late spring frosts to many vineyards in the area, but miraculously Snows Crossing was virtually untouched.


Tocai Friulano is known for being spicy and crisp, and the finished wine delivers notes of rosewater, melon, coriander seed, and tarragon.  The decision to ferment on skins is a nod to its ancestral home in eastern Italy, where skin contact white wines have been made for centuries.

Snow's Crossing Vineyard  100% Tocai Friulano  12.5% alc/vol.  48 cases produced



Gold in the Hills is a nod to California's history and the vineyard on which it it grown, and the iconic rolling Sierra Foothills.  In keeping with this theme, you'll find notes of butterscotch, warm hay, chamomile, and meyer lemon.  This was the second year sourcing this fruit, and I'm finding that the window to pick is narrow - things can change overnight here.  

Chatom Vineyard is one of those places that can only be described as an "energy vortex".  Decomposed granite and limestone make up a majority of the soil, and large chunks of quartz litter the ground.  Nestled in a bowl shaped valley, the property has three defunct goldmines, and if you look carefully you can see some flashes of gold dust in the soil as well.  

Chatom Vineyard   100% Semillon  13.6% alc/vol.  90 cases produced



Highly aromatic and powerfully fruity on the nose, dry on the palate.  This year, I chose to pick a bit earlier to create a slightly leaner profile, and was pleased to find that this fruit is just as punchy and flavorful at a lower brix, with the same signature strawberry cake notes as the previous year.  This wine is so much fun to make and brings joy from start to finish.

Lewis Vineyard sits in the Clements HIlls, which you'll reach if you head East out of Lodi to the place where the Central Valley just begins to turn into the foothills.  Spanish grapes like Tempranillo thrive there in the hot days, and a creek running adjacent to the property keeps the night and early mornings fresh and cool.

Lewis Vineyard, Clements Hills   100% Tempranillo   12.7% alc/vol.  66 cases produced

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