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A new take on a classic, for your prime rib, your red sauce, your braises, your game nights.  Dried cherry aromas, roundness in the mid-palate, and a satisfying grip on the finish. More

You're foraging for blackberries in a redwood forest in your coziest sweater.  You trip over something.  What is it? A mushroom! You bring it home, you light a fire. You make mushroom and sage pasta for dinner, you drink this with it, you have blackberries for desert.  You are content.  More


Lovers of 2020 Old Vine Carignan, rejoice.  She's back with a new name, a perfect description of this historic vineyard tucked in among the wine region that grew up around it.  More

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Osa Major Wines is a one woman enterprise - from trucking grapes to selling bottles and everything in between.  Winemaker and owner Emily Fernwood spent the years after college traveling and working harvest gigs the world over, from California and Oregon to Australia and New Zealand, until founding Osa Major Wines in 2020.

As a Bay Area native, the time felt right to return home and explore the incredible variety of geology and history that can be found in the vineyards in some of our state's unique known and lesser known wine regions, while crafting wines that explore a lighter and brighter side of California winemaking.


From the vineyard to the cellar, winemaking is, in essence, the act of finding balance between controlling nature's chaotic tendencies and allowing the marvel of growth and fermentation take the lead.  Every year, every vineyard, and every fermentation is a glimpse into an infinite number of small miracles. 

To that end, each decision we make serves to guide, to protect, and to achieve a desired style, but never to hide or excessively manipulate, choosing to forgo the arsenal of additives that are commonly found in commercial wine.  We choose growers who have deep connections to their vineyards and an enduring commitment to the health of the land they farm, and are proud to bring them in their pure form to you.

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